Welcome to Mist Fusion....

‘Suddenly a mist fell from my eyes and I knew the way I had to take.’ Edvard Grie

‘Always evolving, having the courage to shun mediocrity’

Hi. I am Charles and hail from Uganda, the country Winston Churchill described as ‘the Pearl of Africa’. This site explores multiple topics but it’s core area will be on self growth and continual self improvement and why it’s critical to always challenge our current comfort zones and evolve to greater heights.                                                           


 Site Mission

                        Keep Evolving and Striving to Greater Heights

You and I can only contribute to our own good and mankind’s good when we as individuals achieve self mastery through self reliance, self control and healthy living choices.

These three pillars power personal advancement in society. Those who control their mindset and action will always impact the world for better or worse.  I will study the best of the best and share this with you.  A better version of you and I impacts our family, community and the world positively.

                                         Join me on this exploratory mission and use this power as a force for good.