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If you have read  Russel’s Branson Free Dotcom Secrets Book or you are an advanced internet marketer who understands marketing and the sales funnels process please feel free to skip this introduction and jump directly to What is Click Funnels

If you are already sold on the product Click Funnels  jump right in and start testing and using the software. Start the 14 day free trial run.

Before I talk about Click Funnels let me revisit the basics. There are many reasons why we visit websites. We usually surf for three major reasons to get information, get entertained or buy a product or service.Business is all about relationships and landing pages are one of the first essential tools to build these relationships.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is literally a web page which has an enticing proposal or offer (copy) written by the website owner. This proposal, sales offer or sales pitch invites the prospective customer or audience to either transact directly by purchasing a product or service.

Before getting to a landing page a user usually clicks on a paid advert or a promotional link from some other site usually social media platforms, major search engines and other blogs. This is what makes a landing page critical as you are trying to convert a prospect to a paying customer.

It can also be used to get prospective customer contact information  usually email contacts by offering free information to prospects in hopes of turning this relationship to a commercial transactional relationship in the future. Thus a landing page usually has two aims. To sell a product or service or get a prospect’s contact information with hopes of building a long term relationship in the future.

What is a funnel?

A funnel represents the entire customer journey. It progresses from the first point of contact with the customer and the progression of the relationship to fulfilling the customer or prospect’s needs over time.

This relationship may be a 5 minute relationship to an entire customer’s life time over 60 years depending on what needs you are serving and how you are fulfilling them. You can become best friends for life.

That is my perspective about a funnel and how you should view it. It is the start of a long term relationship if your intentions towards your prospective customers are steered in the right direction.

What is Click Funnels?

Click Funnels is an American based Marketing Company that was founded by Russell Branson in 2014.  Click Funnels in essence is landing page and sales funnel creation software.

Click funnels major goal is to help website owners optimize their marketing effort by CONVERTING PROSPECTS TO CUSTOMERS. It is Software as a Service (SaaS) tool.

 It is an automated software tool that has drag and drop functionality with the ability to;

–  develop landing pages (sales pages for your product or service),

– create SALES COPY, (the actual sales pitch)

– integrate payment processors like PayPal and Stripe

– Provides email auto responder services to keep in touch with your customers.

What gives Click Funnel the edge is that the owner Russell Branson understands the philosophy and the mindset behind internet sales. Its core premise is directed towards converting prospects to customers. 

Russell has classified channels into three main classes- Lead Funnels, Sales Funnels and Event Funnels . He has further broken them down to 22 distinct forms of funnels.

Sales Copy- The Sales Pitch

The key selling point for Click Funnels is it’s ability to generate sales copy.  One of the most expensive and critical aspects about online marketing is getting SALES COPY  right this is what makes or breaks any internet business. Sales copy is the equivalent of an offline sales pitch by a sales man.

 It is the equivalent of offline TV advertisements, Newspaper advertisements, Radio advertisements. If you cannot get this process right you will soon be out of business sooner than later. Click Funnels automates this process and creates copy for you.

Get to know Click Funnels- Get these books

To really understand Click Funnels I recommend getting these books below for FREE the only catch is that you will have to pay for shipping and handling costs.

Dotcom Secrets Book

Expert Secrets

Network Marketing Secrets

For further training with both visual and audio elements

Those who do not like printed matter I recommend the training and webinar below

One Funnel Away

Affiliate Boot Camp – a USD 997 course given away for Free

Free Webinar

Here you get to learn why Click Funnels is valuable.
This free online training resources delve in depth and in detail on what Click Funnels can do for you and your business. These are the sales letters, scripts, webinar slides, emails, and ads that you can create without hiring an expensive copywriter

Proof- Show me the Money

Click Funnels has an exclusive club called the 2Comma club. This represents web site owners who through the use of Click Funnels software have been able to generate sales of over 1 million dollars. There are over 300 members in this exclusive club alone.

This demonstrates that Russell Branson and his team understand what they are talking about. They have created sales funnels and landing pages for businesses that range from real estate investing, ecommerce drop shipping sites, sports nutrition products, digital online courses, business coaches, life coaches, ad agencies, dentists, graphic design companies, ebook publishers etc

The numbers speak literally. There are 92,632 entrepreneurs who are actively using Click Funnels as at end of June 2019. It drives messaging to 880 million contacts worldwide. There are over 5 million funnels that have been created through click funnels.  The key number they have processed over 3.6 billion dollar sales to date.

92.6K Users

880M Contacts

5.21M Funnels

$3.6B Processed

With this track record in place they have already demonstrated themselves as a proven entity in the market place. It is a highly rated software tool and is highly regarded in the marketing industry.

Click Funnel Affiliate Program

Aside from selling your own products and services you can still earn more from Click Funnel’s highly rated affiliate program. This is where you earn from referring potential entrepreneurs to the click funnel program.  

You have the potential to earn 40% recurring commissions on sales of ClickFunnel products as well 40% commissions on all the related products in the Click Funnels product catalog base.

The Product’s Capabilities

Click funnels software offers a variety of funnels depending on the type and nature of business or activity you are undertaking. Each of these funnels comes with prebuilt templates a user can choose from to commence their landing page development.

Key is that you do not require any programming ability to use the software. It is novice friendly and uses drag and drop functionality.

It offers the ability to do A/B split testing on different funnels for the same product. This essentially means varying the sales pitch/landing page for a product to find which pitch/landing page works best.  You can integrate many other aspects like video sales pitches, countdown clocks and animations.


Here is a list of the major features

Automated Sales copy
Website Hosting with custom domains
Landing pages , Opt-in Pages creation
Order Pages
Upsell pages
Downsell pages
Email integration Auto responders for emails
Facebook comments
Pricing Tables
Progress Bars
SMS Signup
A/B testing for all of your web pages
The ability to create membership websites and funnels
All advanced funnels
Autowebinar Funnels
Webinar Funnels
Affiliate management tools for your website
Integrated payment options for processors such as PayPal and Stripe.
Many free themes and templates that you can use to customize your website.
Around the clock support
Training materials

The cons and negatives

  1. Some users have reported not been happy with the speed and response times of the software so be aware if you expect instant response times
  2. It has a steep learning curve that is why I recommend reading the Dotcom secrets book first to get acquainted with the rationale behind the product. It has many features one has to learn before they can use it effectively.
  3. The limitations and restriction of access to features with the basic plan.

How much will it cost me?

14 Day Free Trial

The Pricing Plans

You have a 14 day free trial where you can access all features and evaluate the product risk free. If you are happy with the product then you can start following the hierarchy below and chose the best plan according to your budget

The basic plan

This will only cost you $97 USD dollars a month. This offer restricts you to generating 20 funnels, 100 pages and a 20,000 contacts cap. You also don’t get access to Actionetics, their built-in email service provider and Backpack, which allows you to create your own affiliate program. Test run a 14 day trial and decide if this plan is for you

The premium Plan

The premium plan also called the Etison suite plan will cost you $ 297 USD dollars a month. This  gives you unlimited funnels, pages and visitors. Test run a 14 day trial and decide if this plan is for you

Custom Tailored Offer Trial Plans

You can also test run the software based on the business you operate or what stage you are in your business life cycle click below where appropriate

Just Getting Started
Non Profit
Local Business
Network Marketing
E Commerce
Information Products/Digital Products
Ad Agency/Freelancer

Promotional Plan

Purchasing Funnel Scripts for USD $797 gives you 6 months of the Etison Suite product for free and brings the annual cost down to USD $ 66.41 per month.
You also get additional bonuses, training and benefits listed below
– The 6 Week Funnel Hacks Master Class ($2,997 value)
– Instant Traffic Hacks ($1,997 value)
– Inception Secrets ($1,997 value)
– SOAP & Seinfeld email marketing sequence training

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