Sales and Marketing


First things first.  I will earn commissions from what I share and promote below. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of the owners of the products.

Why Sales and Marketing

My core philosophy and the driving force behind this website is to only share and promote what works. It has to be a product that changes your current mindset and gives IMPACTFUL, LONG TERM AND SUSTAINABLE results.

Sales and marketing is the key engine of any business endeavour. This page covers the top tools and systems that bring in the prospects and customers. At the end of the day the customer is king.

Without that vote from the customer no endeavour can prosper. Every individual, organisation whether profit or non profit has to have benefactors and clients to survive and prosper.

These tools and systems are the best out there let’s start reviewing them:

Click Funnels in my humble opinion is truly worth the mention and hype. I will delve right to the book Dotcom Secrets by Russell Branson.

To understand Click Funnels you have to read the Dotcom Secrets  book as an introduction to the product. This book delves in to the psychology and mindset of a successful internet marketer and business. When you have Dan Kennedy do the foreword of any marketing book you better sit up and take notice.

When the true and tested master of direct sales response marketing puts his reputation on the line and gives a nod to your effort then you must be on to something. This book gives you the inner mindset, working and the systems behind any successful online franchise.

Is the business philosophy espoused in the book and system replicable in the offsite brick and mortars world and any other business? If it passes this replicability test with flying colours I am sold on the system. That is the true hall mark of a great product.

As with any other system you will only reap what you sow. Do the work.

If you want to skip reading Dotcom secrets and go straight to learning what Click Funnels is all about then click here to proceed further.