Goals- Aim High

Goals - Aim for the Sky

Goal Aim for the Sky


You are capable of more than you know. Choose a goal that seems right for you and strive to be the best, however hard the path. Aim high. Behave honourably. Prepare to be alone at times, and to endure failure. Persist! The world needs all you can give. E. O. Wilson

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. Michelangelo

Aim high! The future you see, is the person you will be    Jim Cathcart

If you aim higher than you expect, you could reach higher than you dreamed.  Richard Branson

The key of success is for you to set one big, challenging goal and then to pay any price, overcome any obstacle and persist through any difficulty until you finally achieve it    Brian Tracy

Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.      H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.  Charles Kettering

You have to think anyway, so why not think big?  Donald Trump

Set a goal to achieve something that is so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time. It must be a goal that is so appealing, so much in line with your spiritual core, that you can’t get it out of your mind. If you do not get chills when you set a goal, your not setting big enough goals.   Bob Proctor


To accomplish anything worthwhile we also have to think and visualise big. Our actions have to be aligned to big picture thinking and aim for big results.  Nothing significant gets accomplished without the necessary big thinking and imagery required.

Hairy and audacious goals take us to places we have never been before while small thinking results in small and negligible results.

Big Goals

Big goal thinking usually starts from three view points. Start from the end and work your way back to the present. You first need to be clear about these three aspects below

  1. What regrets do you want to avoid when you die?
  2. What do you wish to have accomplished, experienced before you die? Do you have a bucket list
  3. What do you wish read as your eulogy and epitaph? What legacy do you want to live behind?

Get real clarity about those three aspects above.  Think about them and take time to really think about them again and again.

We have all encountered the term the ‘bucket list’ This means listing all your top wishes and dreams. These include items you wish you could have such as the cars, villas and yachts. Owning  great businesses, having a happy and loving family, be a great speaker, experiences such as visiting great beaches.

Visiting the ancient wonders of the world such as the pyramids of Egypt, visiting the modern wonders of the world, climbing mountains, touring parks, visiting great clubs, meeting your favourite celebrities, having great physiques, your altruistic targets contributing to worthy causes such as ending cancer, improving literacy, creating more jobs.

Been great starts by acting and doing  great deeds. Your outer world is a manifestation of your inner world. You have to acknowledge you are great and truly believe it each and every day. Live each day as if you have already accomplished your goals and aspirations. You need to be before you can become.


Aim High

Aim High.  To get inspired we need to aim high. Set high personal standards and goals. Big goals are only achieved by those who are thinking big, acting big and doing big. A BIG goal usually transcends the normal, average and has great impact.

What is the level of impact your goals will have in society? How many lives will be transformed through your service and products? Will society change for the better?

You need to aim for the moon. Remember we all have the same 24 hours on earth. Some people decide to make the most of this limited time. They dream big and aim for big achievements.

Why limit yourself to tiny targets, tiny aspirations, small dreams, limited thinking, and low standards.  Just by been alive means we had to win the race against billions of potential brothers and sisters. We all have the potential to transcend whatever limitations we have placed on ourselves

Transformational Thinking

The truly great individuals aspire to transform society. They are not limited to just transforming their personal lives. They believe they were born with a purpose on this earth to do something great and touch the lives of many individuals positively. We are all destined to be great if we reach for the stars.

Greatness begins with setting high personal standards. Clarify and set your minimum standards. Work on your personal philosophy and principles. Truly great individuals are authentic they live and die by their own personal guiding principles that are aligned to Universal Principles of justice, fairness, the right work ethic and truth.

They live by a true conscience and always aim to do right by themselves and others they encounter.

From this fundamental basic authentic level they can easily relate to all people and serve them to their highest ideals.  They know what they stand for and aim to achieve their aspirational targets. They do not let obstacles stop them as they aim for this target. 

Truly inspirational and aspirational goals are not incremental in nature. They aim to blow past what has been achieved before and go for the targets that have been tagged impossible in many other people’s minds.  The truly great detest average thinking and results. They aim for true excellence.

A big goal should change your emotional state. It should have the capacity to both make you apprehensive and excited.  It should have the capacity to stretch you and make you learn new skill sets and expand your horizons beyond your limited personal space and experience.

Truly great goals should make you come alive and live truly grateful for each day. That’s why we need to be very careful when we set our goals. Aim high



The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz, Jason Culp, et al.

Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence by Ben Carson M.D. and Cecil Murphey

Think Big: Make It Happen in Business and Life by Donald J. Trump and Bill Zanker


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