Life Phases and their Impact

Life Phases and their implications


There are cycles in nature that are ever present for all living organisms. We have to factor them in all the decisions we make and how we will treat each cycle. The Key question arises:

What is the impact and intensity at each stage:

The energy, resources and effort we will apply at each stage of life?

The key cycles are:






A Human being’s impact at each stage can be summarized as below:

Birth:  Extremely delicate stage, needs constant nurturing, heavy investment of time, moderate resources input

Growth: More resources expenditure in schools, college, extracurricular activities, moderate investment of time

Maturity: Little resource expenditure, maintain and improve, constant learning

Decline and death: Heavy resource expenditure on medical care, heavy investment of time, record keeping for posterity


These cycles can also be applied to business phases, industries and other activities that are subject to cyclic nature.

What cycle of life are we in? A very pertinent question that we should always ask ourselves.

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