Our mindset and thoughts

Our Mindset and Thoughts

There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.” 
 Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

“Man is not a circle with a single centre; he is an ellipse with two focii. Facts are one, ideas are the other.” 
 Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Our minds are beautiful. It’s the human mind that has the greatest potential to create.  We are all capable of thinking and creating anything. Our thoughts are extremely powerful. From nothing we can form the most beautiful gardens, amazing architecture, great gadgets, classic songs and poems, enduring and deep  relationships,  abstract thought, beautiful art, massive ships, great enterprises…. the list is endless

That’s why we have to be careful how we nurture our minds and the thoughts we bear each and every minute of the day.  There is a reason we are told to have BIG, HAIRY AND AUDICIOUS GOALS. We become what we focus on. There is a lot of classic literature out there from the ancient philosophers to present day self development literature. They all stress one paramount aspect GUARD YOUR THOUGHTS carefully they are the ESSENCE of life.

Thoughts have the potential to be destructive and can cause us misery in our own lives and other’s lives. I do not need to go down that road to illustrate the potential of destructive thoughts to our lives. We need to control and nurture the right set of thoughts.  We need to examine our thoughts carefully and challenge ourselves about the endless possibilities out there and our potential constantly.  Always keep on asking the key questions the Why, What, How, When

Why not you?

How can you achieve this?

When can you achieve this?

If you achieve your goals what is the impact to your life and other’s lives?



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