Key Stone Habits for 2024 and Beyond

Key Stone Habits for 2024

What are the key habits we need to form for 2024 and beyond

We are drawing close to the end of the year 2023. I will build further on the article reducing friction in your life. The tools used by successful people all boil down to adhering and sticking to tried and tested principles.

We need to guide and align our lives to true and tested principles of the universe in order to make our lives tick and hum along perfectly. There are interrelated concepts that make a difference in our lives in the long run and actually perpetuate success in subsequent generations.

Sticking to and embracing these concepts and mental framework models is critical if we have to make any headway in our lives.

Target and desired habits

We human beings are creatures of habit. Our lives and destinies are usually curved and mapped out by the habits and principals we maintain in the long run. When we cultivate the right habits, we make our lives easy and stress free.

The great religions of the world and their key teachings revolve around habits and virtues.  The great Greek philosopher Aristotle key teachings were centered on habit. Habits make or break you.

What are the key habits of millionaires and billionaires. The reason why I have focused on wealth habits is that most of our problems are related to financial issues. I will list the desired habits below.

  1. Reading Books, Continuous Learning and Self-development, Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity
  2. Acquiring high-income skills: Copy writing, social media growth, Programming, Marketing, Sales, Content creation, Entrepreneurship, Team Building, Finance skills
  3. Building an abundance mindset:
  4. Meditating every single day; maintain emotional homeostasis, controlling our emotions and thoughts
  5. Building character: Basics such as humility, respect, punctuality, gratitude
  6. Investing
  7. Accountability: No excuses mentality
  8. Sleep: Sleep is paramount it refuels your brain and energy
  9. Failing rapidly: Accept mistakes as they come and learn from them
  10. Persistence and patience
  11. Put yourself out there. Bold, passionate and confident individuals get ahead faster. Network as much as you can.
  12. Focus on your goals. Think about what you want to achieve
  13. Believe in yourself
  14. Eating right. You are what you eat especially Brain Food: Avocadoes, Blue Berries, Coconut Oil, Eggs, Brocolli, Salmon, Green vegetables etc
  15. Kill negative self-talk: control your thoughts no complaints for 30 days, all behavior is belief driven
  16. Exercise
  17. Brain Nutrients: DHAS, GINGKO, BILOBA, Vitamin B, B12s
  18. Positive Peer Group: Analyze your social networks
  19. Get a clean environment, Clean Air, Clean Water
  20. Stress Management: Meditation, Relaxation, Massage
  21. They are not afraid to grow and share the pie
  22. Real Estate makes you a millionaire and private equity makes you a billionaire
  23. Leverage: Other people’s time, money
  24. Daily goal setting
  25. Results Oriented
  26. Be people oriented
  27. Stay honest
  28. Self-Disciplined
  29. Journaling

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Feedback loops, Virtuous Cycles and Systems Thinking

Feedback Loops- Feedback loops are mechanisms and tools used to either increase or decrease a result/ output to its desired target state. An example we can use are our bodies maintaining our temperature at a constant rate through a process called homeostasis. The temperature of 37 degrees centigrade is the ideal output.

Through a negative feedback loop mechanism, with the use of our nervous system as a temperature sensor, we can generate or lessen body heat according to the prevailing circumstances. This concept can be applied to many other processes.

We can apply this to our performance, health, mental, financial, spiritual, relationship states and adjust them to the desired state. We act on deviations from expected performance to get back to our desired states.

Positive feedback loops increase or amplify the output. They keep on reinforcing themselves and becoming greater in the long run. This is where the terms, Virtuous or Vicious/Destructive cycles, come into play. We can have good or bad habits that tend to reinforce themselves.

Let me use an example of diet and exercise. These are good habits. When we stick to diets and exercise we notice that our energy improves, body stature improves, health status improves we get encouraged to keep it up and also improve it further. We start incorporating exercise and sleep making it a virtuous cycle.

The inverse applies to bad habits like excessive drug use, alcoholism and sloth. When we amplify these habits we destroy our health, relationships and finances in the long run. This become destructive and vicious cycles that harm and destroy us in the long run.

Systems are structures and routines that are either naturally occurring or we deliberately create to get certain results. They are also anchored on habit formation and processes. 

We can create systems that serve us well. A business is literally a system, a car is a system when we perceive complex objects as systems we can lean to incorporate desired outcomes in these systems.

All these concepts are anchored by habit. They do impact individuals, communities and nations. The culture and mindset we build always impacts us in the long run.


As we close out 2023. What desired habits do we need to incorporate in our lives? This is the key question this week. Revisit the habits I have listed above and ponder what you want to incorporate in your life.

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