Reduce Friction in your life, Swimming with the Current

Reduce Friction in your life, Swimming with the Current

Meta Habits and Processes

We should adopt a philosophy of less friction, stress and waste in our lives. I call it getting into the slipstream of life. Unfortunately, we live in reality and that reality involves us dealing with everyday events, obstacles and other people.

There are instances and times, where it’s more prudent to swim with the current rather than against it. We need to be tactical and strategic in how we make our everyday decisions. Let me highlight some examples were going with the current assists us rather than impedes us.

Racing and the Drag Effect

Sports is a great arena to learn about life. There is an effect called the slipstream and dirty air. There is also an effect called drag in aerodynamic motion.

Formula 1 racing pays massive attention to the slipstream effect. This is where a trailing car takes advantage of the car in front of it by following it very closely to reduce the effects of aerodynamic drag on its frame.

This assists the car to reduce fuel wastage which is very critical in a Formula 1 race. Another advantage is that the tyres do not degrade very fast. The trailing car has been driven on a clean track that has been swept clean by the other cars preceding it.

Take a keen look at runners in a racetrack. Long distance athletes utilize this principal. We have pace setters for long distance races, you will always find the key challengers running close behind the pace setters or each other.

They do this to reduce the wind drag and take advantage of their opponents fighting against the wind.  Another sport that takes advantage of this phenomenon is bike racing. The Tour De France is a great spectacle.

Watch the riders as they go about the race. They will always ensure they keep close to each other reducing the drag effect.

Wind Currents and Thermal Currents

Sailing and Balloon rides also take advantage of the slipstream effect. There are winds and currents in water that are cyclical in nature. Most travelers in the past had to be aware about the seasons when these currents were in play and would travel during these seasons.

‘Catching the wind’ is a phrase you will always hear when you read about sailing. The same principal applies to balloon rides. With the wind behind you, it can propel you very fast along your journey. Balloon rides in the slip stream can go above 400 km per hour

Another activity is swimming. It’s always difficult to swim against the current. It is better to swim downstream and get to your destination. If you decide to swim against the current, you will have to expend more energy and time to do this.

Birds also take advantage of these wind currents. You will see eagles soaring in the wind without flapping their wings too much. They are enjoying the lift of the wind currents and fly along with the currents.

Application of this principal in our lives

Trust and Relationship Building

Keeping our promises, saying the truth and integrity go a long way in reducing friction in our lives. We don’t need to get into the business of perception management if we live up to our promises and do what we say.

Once individuals understand you will do whatever it takes to honor your promises doors will open up for you and you will live a more stress-free life.

Exercise, Dieting and Sleep

Health is a crucial area in our lives. What enables health is the right exercise, diet and sleep. Doing this consistently gives us less stress, gives us more energy and makes our lives more enjoyable.

Financial Prudence

Saving and investing are the key pillars to a health financial life. Incorporating these habits into our everyday lives helps reduce our financial stress in the long run.

Taking Insurance cover also helps us when the rainy days hit us. The rainy days will come for sure but when we have this umbrella over our heads we can sleep well.


Getting the best education and skilling up wherever possible reduces the stress in our lives. Skilled individuals are always in demand.

Getting excellent grades early in life opens more doors for you later in life. Friction reduction is always a key tenet in life.


What are we doing to reduce the friction in our lives?  It’s a key question that we should ponder on each and every day.

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