Waste Reduction: It’s impact and utilizing our God given Talent

Waste Reduction: It’s impact and utilizing our God given Talent

This week I went on a mission to dispose of some scrap waste. I then thought about the inverse are we really utilizing our God given talents?

Progress really starts by making the most efficient use of what we have at our disposal and perfecting it as we go along. We need to realize each and everyone of us has our own innate talents and resources that we have at our disposal. Our duty is to ensure that we do not waste our talent.

Japan and its success after the 2nd World War

Japan as a country was down on it’s knees after the Second World War. There was economic scarcity and deprivation everywhere. Their industry had to rebuild from scratch once more. Key was ensuring minimal waste in all their industrial processes.

One essential practice was instituted in Japan and this was called Kaizen – Referring to constant and never-ending improvement. Key to Kaizen and improvement is ‘Muda’- Waste reduction. If you really want to improve any operation or process a focus on waste reduction is important.

Waste reduction focused on overproduction, too much inventory, idle machinery, waste in motion, waste of time, product defects, transportation. This focus in reduction of waste actually improved their product quality, cost efficiency and overall efficiency.

One of the key results of applying this philosophy are the results evidenced by the Toyota Car Company. This is the World’s leading car manufacturer. The simple concepts of Kaizen and Muda propelled it to it’s current status.

Application to our own lives

1. Time Usage

We need a clear inventory on how and where we spend our time. Where do we waste our time? This needs to come out clearly. The most successful individuals guard this resource carefully they know it’s impact on their overall success

2. Resources and Skills at our Disposal

We need to run an inventory of our top skills and resources. Where are we wasting these skills and how can they be utilized better. This is another critical inventory exercise we need to perform so as to ensure efficiency in our lives

3. Financial Discipline

We also need to apply Financial discipline in our lives. What areas do we incur waste and how can we minimize this? What areas can we maximize to gain more revenue?


It’s a simple concept and paradigm: Waste Reduction, but it changed the lives of entire populations and countries. Let’s step up, count our blessings and maximize the resources we have.


Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production – Taaichi Ohno

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