Staying Relevant

Staying Relevant



Working with lots of old media clients, I’ve had a front-row seat on the ascension of new social players and the decline of traditional news outlets. And it’s clear to me that old media has an awful lot to learn from social media, in particular in five key areas: relevance, distribution, velocity, monetization, and user experience. Ryan Holmes

Relevance, for me, is about being creative and doing things that you believe in, whether that’s music or acting or painting a picture, or whatever that is. Larry Mullen, Jr.

I’m a geek through and through. My last job at Microsoft was leading much of the search engine relevance work on Bing. There we got to play with huge amounts of data, with neural networks and other AI techniques, with massive server farms. Ramez Naam

I stress the relevance of my work for cancer research because I believe that science must be useful to man. Renato Dulbecco

People tend to associate Qualcomm with the chip – and they should: We’re an excellent chip company – but I think we have a larger role in the ecosystem of cellular that I think people are not aware of. And our relevance to more consumer electronics – and, I would say, industries – is actually just increasing. Steve Mollenkopf



Relevance is derived from the priorities and needs in our lives. It’s a subjective matter that is unique to the individual. What’s relevant to you is quite different from what’ relevant to me. Though there are instances where priorities and needs match across large groups of individuals.

The most tenacious and persistent thrive in their environments. They thrive because they stay relevant in their respective environment and ecosystem.  They continue adapting and meeting the needs of other individuals.

It’s important to stay relevant to family, community and the nation. Been relevant is having a positive impact in whatever action you undertake.  ‘You shall always know them by their fruits and works’



The free dictionary – Relevance – definition of relevance by The Free Dictionary defines relevance as




  1. Having a bearing on or connection with the matter at hand.
  2. Meaningful or purposeful in current society or culture:


Our most important goals and priorities and whatever we do in life should be measured by their relevance both in the short and long term.

Do our activities, stated mission, goals increase our purpose in society? Will they make any impact down the line? Are we just serving fads and short term goals.

The garbage collector has more impact in most of our lives than the latest film we watched. That farmer, plumber, electrician, teacher or tradesman usually impacts our daily lives more than the singer or actor. That’s what relevance is all about. It’s the impact we make.

Our key goals and priorities should be structured on their long-term relevance in our life. Where we spend most of our time should be determined by the impact it will have on our lives in the long term. Short term activities should be given our least attention.

Our Immediate Environment

We always read about our immediate environment and the exposure to influences that will uplift us in the long term.

We wonder why our parents fretted about the company we keep. Peer influence affects us in many ways both indirectly and directly. The vision and ambition of your closest friends usually reflects in the achievements you earn in life.

If your peers are focused on negative activities i.e. it will also weigh on your individual outcome and  relevance to society. Negative behavioral tendencies are amplified in groups.  You can consciously choose to have peers who will shape positive outcomes in your life.

The relevance of your choices matter in all activities you undertake.

Local Examples of Relevance

JB Property Agents and Fumigators

I know a small company, that I will use as an example by the name of JB property agents situated in my neighborhood. This company has flooded all key junction areas with their promotional posters dotted all over the place.

It’s ubiquitous and dominates the advertising landscape in the area. No one in my neighborhood can fail to notice them. I have not used their services but their aggressive advertising is certainly a hall mark of their tenacity and will to be the most relevant company in the area.

They command the potential customer’s attention as the most prominent realtor in the area. Their success over the long term will be judged on how well they serve their clients but their advertising acumen is  very relevant to the community and cannot fail to be noticed.

Swangz Avenue

This music production and content creation company is very prodigious. It has one the best roster of musicians in the country. It churns out hit song after hit song. It was even noticed by Kanye West the American rapper who had a short visit to the country.

The reason why they got this chance to interact with a global icon was making themselves the most relevant music production company in the country. They have dominated their space and made themselves indispensable and a go to authority in the area

Global Examples

Manchester City

Football or soccer is a sport viewed globally with billions of fans. There are teams that are admired globally. One of the teams that dominates the space is Manchester City. Their coach Pep Guardiola is a true footballing genius.

He has moulded the team to be relevant and dominant in the industry. The statistics don’t lie the team has ruled the perch in the English and Global scene for the last 5 years.

Mr. Bean

Rowan Atkinson popularly known as Mr. Bean is one of the most famous comedians the world has ever had. He has entertained audiences all over the globe for many decades. He’s the best export the United Kingdom has ever produced.

Comedy is an ever-green field especially self-deprecating comedy. His entertainment cuts across all generations both old and young. He is relevant to all age groups and different cultures. This is what becoming relevant to society means.

Personal Application

Become relevant and impact your space. Be the juggernaut in your space and industry. This can only come about by accepting to be the most relevant in your industry.

It comes about by paying a personal price. This means getting knowledgeable and becoming the best of the best in your industry. You become the go to individual in your field. This is what creates individual prosperity and impact.

Elon Musk

The South African born entrepreneur is a study in relevance. He has literally pushed the envelope in three industries.

The automotive, space and energy renewable industries have felt the impact of his vision and tenacity. He knows what relevance is and ensures he dominates the space totally in all he does. Knock on the doors and keep on chugging along be the honey badger in your field.


There is a catch in staying relevant. Have a code of ethics and conduct in life. Your governing principles should be the base and anchor of what you do. Integrity and ethics matter at the end of the day. Having an unethical expert is a danger to society.

Unprincipled engineers, entrepreneurs, politicians, doctors, lawyers are a detriment to society at large. I repeat an unprincipled expert is a real danger to society.  Always be mindful of this fact.



Never Stop Learning: Stay Relevant, Reinvent Yourself, and Thrive – Bradley R. Staats

Brand Relevance:  Making Competitors Irrelevant – David Aaker

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie


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