Goals- Momentum

Goals – Momentum


“Keep moving ahead because action creates momentum, which in turn creates unanticipated opportunities.”— Nick Vujici

“Excitement must lead to immediate action or you will lose the power of momentum. More dreams die because we fail to seize the moment. Do it now!” — Anthony Robbins

“Always work hard.  Intensity clarifies.  It creates not only momentum, but also the pressure you need to feel either friction, or fulfilment.”  — Marcus Buckingham

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton

“Momentum solves 80% of your problems.”— John C. Maxwell


Creating and keeping momentum is one of the holy grails of execution. The best leaders and managers create operational momentum. Getting into the groove, the rhythm is a quote that is heard and repeated endlessly.

Operational discipline dictates that momentum has to be built and sustained in order to achieve goals and attain targets. The Titan Rockefeller captured this succinctly in the ‘Rockefeller Habits’ he particularly emphasised the importance of having a daily rhythm. He understood the importance of momentum and it’s ability to generate amazing results.

Generate Momentum

We naturally gravitate to what is attracting attention and is creating the greatest momentum.  The same concept applies to goals, we have to have ensure we create traction and momentum each and every day towards our key goals and priorities.

Some call it falling forward, moving forward or the grind. Creating momentum and sustaining it is key towards achieving your major objectives and goals.

Bite that bullet each and every day no matter what.  Most goals seem difficult but when broken down to their key components and elements one realizes they are achievable. An example is losing weight.

 Your overall goal may be to lose 30 kilograms in one year. When you break it down to granular amounts, it means losing 2.5 kilograms per month, which translates to 0.625 kilograms per week and 0.089 kilograms per day. In the simplest terms you aim for weight loss of 89 grammes per day as a minimum target per day

Setting the base threshold guides you on other key action targets to take.  Your exercise and diet can then be calibrated carefully to achieve this target. What will be your maximum calorie intake be per day? What is the minimum exercise threshold per day? What supporting mechanism will you put in place in terms of accountability partnership and mentorship? 

Maintain total discipline

After that comes the real part carrying out the actions each and every day. Driving consistently forward without fail towards your goals and targets is critical.  You need to turn to an unstoppable force. Initiation of any effort or goal is 80% of the effort towards achieving it.

The first sixty days are critical to the outcome of any goal. If you cannot sustain momentum each and every day the likelihood of you achieving this target reduces dramatically.

What happens in those first 60 days is the creation of a habit. You are hard coding a new routine in your conscious and sub conscious mind.  This is where most critical attention needs to be placed as once the subconscious mind locks in the goal achievement process almost goes on automatic pilot.

What do the best marketers and drug dealers do?

Please carry out your own research on the marketing, sales and advertising landscape. You will always see a free 30 day trial offer for most products and services. The key reason is to ensure the use of a product or service becomes part of the daily routine of their customers.

Once the customers are hooked there is no going back. Unfortunately this is proven science and drug dealers do the same to their victims. They offer free samples until they are sure their victims are hooked and they cannot switch off the devastating habit.

When we use the same analogy in reverse we have to learn how to get hooked to your key goals. Practice and repeat for the first 60 days without fail. Do your daily running, walking, reading, public speaking, coding exercises, prospecting, networking and soon you become an unstoppable force.

Sports is a key tool to learn how to achieve goals. Study the great coaches they always start with the fundamentals. They ensure each and every player gets the basic fundamentals right. Once they master the key fundamentals all the rest starts falling into shape gradually.

To do this great coaches take a 360 degree view of the player both mentally and physically. They have to get players to minimum fitness thresholds and they have to get their minds to the minimum psychological performance thresholds. This means building essential habits teaching the players how to win and sustaining the habit over time.

The great teams- American Football- New England Patriots, All Blacks – Rugby, Barcelona, Real Madrid – Football, Cricket- India all have winning habits and philosophies. It becomes a culture and part of their folklore.

Coasting on auto drive

The great teams create a winning mentality and drive in their players. Momentum is what is used to achieve and sustain this. In the period February 2019 when I was drafting this article  Manchester City and Manchester United were in great form and sustaining great runs.

They had created momentum and it is had created real belief in their players who were now putting in the necessary effort and passion to keep on winning.

If you stand still you will get run over. If you want to gauge whether a business is doing well we can first judge it by the level of customer interaction and footfall. What is the daily foot traffic? What are the daily site visits?

 How many conversations and conversions are taking place? Is the business creating a buzz both locally and internationally? These are the first impressions we need to garner. Is their increasing traction each and every day in all channels they interact with their customers?

 You can naturally gauge the health of any concern by judging how many customers visit it each and every day. Sustaining and maintaining this traffic is critical to the long term health and sustainability of the business

Hitch your wagon on momentum it will take you to places you have never been before.



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