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Hustle in play


“Your dreams are free but the hustle is sold separately.”― Vic Stah Milien

“Life was of course not at all easy till now and it will never be. All we can do is accept the way it is and try to make it better. Quitting is not the option here; fight for the right and make way for yourself to the top is the only way to lead.” ― Wrushank Sorte

“You will struggle. You will be mocked. You will be alone. The world will not give you recognition. The world will not give you, your due. Against all odds, if you still persist and create your art, it will be a victory. It will be your victory. Finally, you would win.”― Avijeet Das

“Nothing worth doing ever, ever, ever came easy.” ― Donald Trump

“Act and fail, but don’t fail to act.”― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

“The fastest way to get what you actually want in your life is to drop the false belief that you must continue to wait in order to have it.⁣”― Richie Norton

“What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle, and giving 110% all the time.” – Don Zimmer

“Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle.” – Ross Simmonds

“My key to surviving and winning is hustle. I think once you lose your hustle, you lost everything.” – Yo Gotti


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To hustle literally means moving the ends of the earth till you get what you want. It is doing what is necessary to get the food on the table and keep the lights on. Most people fear the word ‘hustle’ as the word is normally associated with liars and con men.

Unfortunately, most individuals miss the positive aspects about hustlers. They do have a work ethic and get stuff done. The sales industry is usually tagged with this persona. Most sales people have to keep on knocking at doors to get the next sales closed.

It is associated with a never say die attitude. These individuals have high personal esteem, they get knocked down but rise again. They never take anything for granted, they do their homework and execute until the job gets done.

Are you a hustler or do you wait to be served the scraps at the bottom of the table?

Hustle Definition and Meaning

Hustle Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster


verb hus·​tle ˈhə-səl 

hustled; hustling ˈhə-s(ə-)liŋ 

transitive verb

1 a  to crowd or push roughly JOSTLESHOVE

had been hustled into a jail cell with the other protesters

bto convey forcibly or hurriedly

… grabbed him by the arm and hustled him out the door … John Dos Passos

cto urge forward precipitately

hustling tourists from one museum to the next

2 ato obtain by energetic activity —usually used with up

hustle up new customers try to hustle up some tickets to tonight’s game hustling up some grub

bto sell something to or obtain something from (someone) by energetic and especially underhanded activity SWINDLE

hustling the suckers an elaborate scam to hustle the elderly

cto sell or promote energetically and aggressively

hustling a new product

dto lure less skillful players into competing against oneself at (a gambling game)

hustle pool

The Hustle and Bustle of Life

Hustle is the application of energy to gain something. The phrase, ‘the hustle and bustle’, depicts energy bubbling and individuals moving up and about as they carry out their activities. Hustle also depicts street cunning, shrewd wisdom, as activities are executed.

Energy is the raw life essence that gets activities accomplished. Without the application of energy nothing happens in our lives. Energy begets momentum and this begets accomplishment in our lives. The quality of your life is determined by how you expend your energy each day.

We naturally look up to energetic individuals to get things done. Natural leaders and those who accomplish much are real hustlers in the essence of the word. We do not approach timid and lazy individuals to accomplish great feats.

Individuals, communities, companies, nations always gravitate towards those who are energetic and get things done. We know of those individuals who will always take the lead and push mountains to get stuff done. These are the real hustlers of life.

I will cite examples of real hustle.


Love or hate them politicians are the ultimate hustlers. You need to possess great self-assurance and a great ego to get into the murky world of politics. You have to be the ultimate sales man/woman to pitch your message to the electorate and get elected.

This is one area the common man needs to study if they wish to also advance. Politicians are risk takers, entrepreneurs and show men/women all rolled into one. You do not have shy personalities take up to the podium to pitch their message.

Let me cite two examples below

William Ruto – Current President of Kenya

I will start with an example of my next-door neighbor Kenya. They just completed their elections in August 2022 and the winner was the self-acclaimed ‘Hustler’ William Samoei Ruto. He started from the humblest of backgrounds, hawking chickens on the streets of Eldoret Kenya.

He managed to scrape through and fund his education to University level. There he led his church choir and managed to capture the attention of the then Kenyan President Daniel Moi. He was introduced to the world of politics and the rest they say is history.

He is the ultimate organizer and salesman. He managed to attain cabinet posts in successive administrations and ultimately won the Penultimate price in August 2022 serving as the 5th President of Kenya despite numerous scandals along the way.

He is the ultimate hustler and has fought his way to the top of the political ladder. His energy, ambition and drive have marked him as the real ‘hustler’ in Kenyan politics

Donald Trump – The 45th President of the United States of America

‘The Donald’ Donald Trump is arguably the most famous politician/business man alive on the planet. He was already famous before entering politics. He was always known as the Billionaire Real Estate magnate from New York City. His hit series show “The Apprentice” was already one of the greatest hits in the TV Reality landscape.

He had authored many hit books with the ‘The Art of the Deal’ been his best seller yet. He was a known commodity before he hit the political landscape. He showed the drive, stamina and action required to lead at the front. He caused waves wherever he went and is still active in the political landscape.

He is a real hustler by nature. You cannot put him down. He has declared bankruptcy before and resurrected his business. That’s the mark of a real hustler they get knocked down and keep rising again. If you really want to study hustle in it’s essence he is the true personification of hustle.

Generals and War

Wars unfortunately result in prodigious amounts of energy and lives expended. The destruction caused by wars is immense. The Generals who know how to harness the soldiers and resources at their disposal are assured of the best outcomes in their endeavors.

The spirit of hustle is best exemplified by Generals who have used this attribute in the shrewdest methods to achieve spectacular results in the battle field.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is known as history’s undefeated general. He was a real hustler. He dictated the tempo and rhythm of his battles. He took over the Greek and Macedonian thrones after the death of his father Phillip the Second.

‘Alexander Invaded and conquered Asia Minor, Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Middle East, the Persian Empire, Afghanistan, Sogdiana, Bactria; and invaded India. He campaigned for ten consecutive years and covered 10,000 miles’The wisdom of Alexander the Great Enduring Leadership Lessons from the Man Who Created an Empire- Lance B. Kurke, Ph.D.

He used three great attributes his speed of movement, surprise maneuvers and the flexibility to adapt to changes. These attributes require the expenditure of energy.

Typical marches of his forces involved covering over 270 kms in 3 days. His key tactic was speed and surprise. He caught many enemies napping and crushed them in their sleep. He was a 24 hr/7 days a week general.  

Alexander’s accomplishments were carried out in a period of 13 years from the time he ascended the throne to his death. That is how efficient and effective Alexander was. His name still resonates to this day because of his accomplishments.

Shaka the Zulu

Here in Africa the best exemplification of a real hustler general was Shaka the Zulu. He was the first African general to conquer a large area of the Southern African land mass. He was born into minor royalty but distinguished himself in battle to become the most feared general in his Kingdom.

‘From a small volunteer army of approximately 200 soldiers and a territory that seemed, in comparison with other neighboring states, no more than a small, local district, Shaka built in a period of ten years a formidable standing army of about 60,000 to 70,000 highly trained men.’ – Kunene, Mazisi Emperor Shaka the Great, Cambridge 2006

He was a creative general and used flanking maneuvers, speed and surprise in his battle tactics. He was a conqueror and had ambitions to enlarge the Zulu Kingdom. He was quite ruthless and expanded his kingdom in a short span of time. He is one of the few African generals to have won a battle against the British army

Julius Gaius Caesar

To this day many modern world constructs are based on the foundations of the Roman Empire. From the Latin alphabet, construction of roads, political organization, education systems to the modern calendar, all these objects and systems owe a debt to the Roman Empire.

Julius Caesar born in 100 BC is considered the greatest general in the Roman Empire’s history. He laid the foundation for the expansion of the Roman Empire. He was born of noble lineage to the Julii family. He was born during a divisive period of the Roman Empire when the Republican form of government had become corrupted. There was a growing division between the masses and the elite.

Julius Caesar was first destined to enter priesthood but wound up joining the army.  He rose through the ranks and was appointed a Provincial Governor. In this position he managed to conquer the neighboring territory of Gaul in campaigns that lasted for nine years.

He then turned his attention inward and took the side of the masses against the Senate. He crossed the Rubicon River with an army and conducted a civil war that lasted for 4 years which he ultimately won.

‘We see here, at the very beginning of Caesar’s career of conquest, one of his most famed and important qualities as a general: the extraordinary rapidity of his decisions and actions. He almost always did things more rapidly and travelled further and faster than his opponents thought possible, and therefore

appeared where they did not think he could be with forces they did not think he could get there.’  Much of his extraordinary success as a general derived from this rapidity of decision and movement, and the element of surprise he thereby attained. ‘ – Julius Caesar: The Colossus of Rome Richard A. Billows


Taking decisive action marked Julius Caesars’s life

Other notable Generals

There have been many other notable generals in history Genghis Khan, Nelson, Erwin Rommel, Napoleon who all have one particular trait they could outthink and outwork their contemporaries. They were true hustlers in the sense of the word.

They were decisive and acted when it was necessary. That’s the true essence of hustle.

Notable mentions in other Fields

I will list examples of names of individuals who are noted for prodigious output and have been outstanding in their respective fields


Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Linus Pauling, Niels Bohr


Haile Gebrselassie, Paul Tergat, Mohammad Ali, Jesse Owens, Michael Schumacher, Michael Jordan, Kipchoge Keino, Manny Pacquiao, Michael Phelps, Rodger Federer


Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Claude Monet


Michael Jackson, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Cold Play, The Beatles, George Frederic Handel,  Madonna,  Jay Z, Beyonce, 50 Cents


Steven Spielberg, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Julia Roberts


John D. Rockefeller, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Aliko Dangote, JP Morgan, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Sam Walton, Oprah Winfrey, Henry Ford, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Bernard Arnault, Jamsetji Tata, Larry Page, Lakshmi Mittal, Rupert Murdoch


Tom Clancy, Enid Burton, Robert Ludlum, Agatha Christie,  Stephen King, James Patterson, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Eric Lustbader,


Hustle when applied positively works wonders. It’s a ‘can do’ mentality and ‘never say die’ spirit combined. These are the individuals that smile when the going gets tough. They will grind their way through the tough problems.

Impart hustle in your life it’s a tonic that works wonders for many individuals


Read Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum – Neil Patel, Patrick Vlaskovits, Jonas Koffler H3 leadership: Be humble. Stay hungry, always hustle – Brad Lomenick The 50th Law – 50 Cent and Robert Greene

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